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We treat every project with paramount integrity. We work with an impeccably talented team leveraging cutting edge smart technologies to attain magical results in record time


We treat every project with paramount integrity. We work with talented photographers leveraging on cutting edge Smart Technologies to attain magical results in

Augmented Reality Exhibitions

Picha Augmented Reality Exhibition (ARE), prides itself in bringing a new photographic experience to exhibitions, fairs and events. We tell rich impactful stories and experiences through a series of themed, delicately shot and curated artistic images about your product, brand, vision, mission, cause, event, preferred theme etc . This creates a lasting impression and lengthened contact time with the audience

Image Data Bank

At PICHA we understand your images need to be stored and retrieved securely for usage within your company. Our cloud platform allows ease of storage and access for use at any time

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With a dedicated team who are on call 24 hours we are here to help photographers and businesses achieve their potential through great teamwork

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With decades of combined team experience we take great pride in helping businesses solve problems and look great while connecting photographers to top notch clients.

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